Inspirations and Influences for Paintings – Working on my new collection.

I have been working on a new collection lately,  with an idea in mind that I wanted to be incredibly specific with…

Without giving too much away,  I wanted to write about some of my influences in terms of colour and composition for my latest collection that I am currently working on with an insight into my favourite artists and images that have always inspired me. (Almost like a mood board of certain traits and aspects for this upcoming series of oil paintings.)

Starting with colour and my favourite artist Odilon Redon – I learnt of Redon whilst working on a project at college where I imitated some of his works in oil pastels, his abstract tendencies and backgrounds specifically have been one of the most consistant inspirations for my work and hugely in mind when painting recently. I studied his cleverly positioned colour and admired how they looked so spontaneous. It wasn’t until learning this practice in oil paints and in my own style that I found that using a lot of colour all at once in such an abstract way is incredibly difficult. To not be left with a muddy brown finish takes a lot of consideration with each brush stroke. Early on in my art career a well seasoned tattooist told me I had an ‘eye for colour much older than my years.’  This and my thought process, plus continued interest in using colour, derives souly from my Odilon Redon project when I was 16.

'Muse on Pegasus' - Odilon Redon
‘Muse on Pegasus’ – Odilon Redon
'Ophelia among the flowers' - Odilon Redon
‘Ophelia among the flowers’ – Odilon Redon
'Flowers' - Odilon Redon
‘Flowers’ – Odilon Redon

Claude Monet – I have been studying Monet’s water lilies, his best known and most famous subject throughout his career.  For me there are two qualities that I take from Monet’s work as the original impressionst and master of harmony. First is of course the colour, the rich pigments that as a whole show a soft atmosphere. (Specifically the blues and purples.) And Secondly are the tactile brush strokes that marked his presence and lead the way in this movement towards a more fluid and loose style of painting. In all of my paintings I want to see my brush strokes in a blatant, direct and obstinate manner, showing exactly where the artist has been and what it contributes by being there. The idea of such purposeful marks and leaving them so raw and exposed is a notion I carry through my work and very ardently in the current collection I am working on.

'Water Lillies' - Claude Monet
‘Water Lillies’ – Claude Monet
'Water Lillies' - Claude Monet
‘Water Lillies’ – Claude Monet

Another strong influence for my work has been old religious oil paintings. - There is a quality about religious paintings that have always completely entranced me, their meanings on a spiritual level have little to do with our generation and beliefs but that doesn’t mean they can’t be admired by everyone. For me the aesthetics are what I obsess over. The compositional qualities are always calculate of The Golden Ratio, which shows that universally, and in both nature and art, create a sound and visually pleasing quality that rests on harmony of detail and space. There is almost a vacantness about the subjects, but a beautiful and divine one at that. Where beautiful faces are surrounded by vasts of titian hair and splay willowy arms towards the heavens, draped in heavy materials surrounded by angels and clouds. Even scenes of battle and death are brought about with a sense of elegance and peace. It is these aesthetics that I have leaned towards in consideration for my newest collection. Although not to be dismissed is that amongst these beautiful paintings are centuries of iconic ideals and heavy symbolism in every aspect of the piece. (Composition, colour, subjects.)

DCF 1.0



Oxymoronically, the last of my major influences for my recent works are images from the universe, more specifically Nebulas. (A cloud of gas or dust in outer space.) – I have used a lot of colour through my artworks in a way that makes something ordinary look slightly out of place. I throw it around to create huge bursts of abstraction that brightens up my day to create, and also looks distinctively unusual. But when you consider an image of The Peony Nebula you see something that is so abstract and colourful yet completely natural to our universe. It makes my brain spiral into the abyss just thinking of this kind of scale and the enormity of something of such colourful grandeur that is so far away but is also so similar to a an image of our delicate iris under a microscope.

Omega Nebula
Omega Nebula
Peony Nebula
Peony Nebula
Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

To follow my work and painting progress find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – @katyjadedobson

Also find my last body of work, The Spectrum Collection at my website which also lists affiliated galleries that may stock the Limited Edition’s of this collection! Be sure to take a look!

View my first collection with Wishbone Publishing here!!!

The Spectrum Collection in full!

My first collection with Wishbone Publishing is now available to view, with a handful of originals selling before the release and now the availability of a selection of limited editions.

10% of the sales from this collection will be donated to the Born Free charity, I am incredibly proud to have Born Free endorse this collection and to be included on the Certificates of Authenticity received on purchase.

BFF 05

If you have enjoyed my previous work then hopefully the Spectrum Collection will appeal to you with a chromatic explosion of my favourite jewel toned colours to embellish a variety of wildlife species, all regal, proud and spectacular in their own rights. My collection is a celebration of the beauty and abundance in nature and a practice of my painting style that is both intricate and loose, serene and chaotic. Also an emalgimation of traditional draft work oil painting, with abstract colour use and impasto tendancies. I hope you enjoy them!

Enquire with Wishbone Publishing or Eyeball Gallery about the availability and prices of these pieces or visit my website for the list of affiliated galleries!

Katy_Paintings 003
‘His Majesty’ – 40×50″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 004
‘Opulent Peacocks’ – 40X40″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 005
‘Prism Stag’ – 35X40″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 013
‘Chimaruka’ – 25X35″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 007
‘Flamboyance’ – 20X35″ Oil on wood panel
Katy_Paintings 010
‘ Mother and Baby’ – 20×25″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 006
‘Spectrum Zebra’ – 40X40″ Oil on wood panel
Katy_Paintings 011
‘Daisy’ – 25×25″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 012
‘Daisy & friends’ 25X35″ Oil on wood panel
Katy_Paintings 001
‘Tranquility I’ – 40×40″ Oil on wood panel – LIMITED EDITIONS AVAILABLE
Katy_Paintings 009
‘Tranquility II’ – 30×30″ Oil on wood panel
Katy_Paintings 008
‘Tranquility III’ – 20×20″ Oil on wood panel
Katy_Paintings 002
‘Chroma Equus’ – 40×50″ Oil on wood panel

First Collection with Wishbone Publishing released tomorrow!

I am incredibly excited that tomorrow my first collection with Wishbone Publishing is released!

I have worked incredibly hard on the pieces that will be available as a set of originals, and limited edition prints. Some originals have already sold with the Cloud Gallery at Buy Art Fair in Manchester where I had a couple of pieces up for a first look.

The paintings are all oil on wood panel where I have worked hard to focus on attentional to detail juxtaposed with negative space, embellishments and an abundance of kaleidoscopic colours! It is a collection where my love for wildlife meets my traditional draftsman practice, and my obsession with opulent jewel toned colour bursts.

I have mentioned numerous times how difficult it has been to not post updates on the progress of my paintings, for the past 12 months I have posted every development I had recorded of my work, and whilst creating some of my best work yet I had not shown as much as a close up of a  piece in this collection. Which makes it all the more exciting for the release tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for updates tomorrow with links to affiliated galleries and to see the collection in full!


My first collection of published paintings with Wishbone Publishing

It has been a while since I last posted about any of my workfor the last year I have been a rather punctual writer and always keen to share my paintings, my progress and chat about art, business, techniques and more.

My previous post however… was a bit of a thank you for supporting my artwork for the past year and to let you know how contributing to my posts, commenting, liking, sharing on social media etc has made me incredibly successful in marketing and selling my artwork, and more importantly, able to produce more and more. (Thank you again!!) I also mentioned that a fantastic opportunity had arisen that I had been holding out for and waiting for the right time and offer that felt right for me and my work. 

I am very excited to be working on my first collection of published work for Wishbone Publishing.

I am incredibly proud to have my work alongside fantastic artists represented by Wishbone such as JJ Adams, Dean Fox and Joe Murtagh, and to be in the middle of producing my collection right now which I cannot yet show you! (But I can say it is some of my best work to date.)

Wishbone Stamp


I am also incredibly happy, as the hugest animal lover you will ever know, that my collection will be endorsed by the Born Free Foundation. An incredible charity that cares for the safety and welfare of individual animals as well as protecting species, and stops cruelty and suffering toward wildlife. I am very proud to be involved with such a great foundation, especially through a collection of work that I hope shows the beauty and strength in wildlife, as I have always tried to portray through my paintings.

There will be a lot more information as my collection is complete and ready to be launched with Wishbone, which I cannot wait to share with you. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information on stockists of my work, (which will be listed on my website) and thank you again for your overwhelming support.

BFF 05

A bit of a thank you…



Recently I have been posting less often and not showing any current works of mine, I am currently working towards a fantastic opportunity that I have been hunting down for a while now, waiting and holding back for the right time and offer.

This makes it more exciting for me to show you the work I have been doing when I can! And hopefully it won’t be long before I can clue you in on what is going on.

Now is a great time to thank you (whoever is reading this, commenting, liking, following my Facebook, instagram and Twitter accounts, emailing and messaging me about my artworks.) It has been hugely appreciated right from the start when I began posting my paintings and the process along the way. Your encouragement served as inspiration to paint more and more.


Now is a good time to contact me regarding commissions, there will be a shift in format in the way my work is available to purchase. I receive a lot of enquiries daily asking about prices for future references, the time is now if you are interested.

Contact me at for details


(Anyone waiting for delivery of paintings etc, there has been huge delays recently, they are on their way, be sure to try and email me at to let me know they arrived with you.)

What I know now, that I wish I knew earlier.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 20.31.48

‘A persons actions will tell you everything you need to know.’

Anyone can just say words that you might want to hear. It is easier to talk the talk than to do any walking. Ever in doubt about a persons character? Look at what they do and ignore what they say.  Hindsight easily confirms the validity of this saying!

‘Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.’

People hate an individual who is different, on the grounds that they are strange. Yet people equally hate conformity and copying. Why be so interested in what somebody else wants to do with their life, and why be bothered enough to strike an opinion? Do what you want to do, and let others do the same in peace. What is normal to you might be boring to another, what is stupid to me might be ingenious to you.

‘Don’t worry about those who talk about you behind your back. They’re behind you for a reason.’

Back at school, having a friend talk badly behind your back was the most upsetting and unsettling thing to happen in your school day, having it happen as an adult can feel bizarre. What I didn’t know back then was that those people are not actually friends. What I do know now, is that once you realise that, you have no obligation to care of their opinion. What are they to you? Obviously, friends would not do that. There are a million reasons why people backstab, and I always say it is never actually to do with you. It is about their own faults/insecurities/demons. Instead, once you grasp that, use it as the prism to view your real friends through.



Original Oil Painting for sale – Wire crested thorntails

This piece is now available to buy, showing two wire crested thorn tails amongst bramble. Abstract colours and contrasts between blended backgrounds and sharp detailing. This one has been particularly popular down to the colour pallet used.


Oil on wood panel

35×23″ inches

Framing options available.

Contact me at for details!




A few frequently asked questions I get through Instagram, Facebook, emails etc. Hopefully this answers some of the basics for the painters or appreciators of my work. And thank you so much for your support this far!


How do you paint? – I taught myself to paint with oils just over a year and a half ago.

How do you prime your canvas/board? – With a gesso for oil paints, and applied with a roller.

Doesn’t making a living from painting take the fun out of it? – Nope.

Where do you get your inspiration from? – Here… “Inspiration behind my artwork”

Where can I buy your work? – Contact me at or

Do you accept commissions? – Yes, I am currently taking commissions.

Do you ship overseas? – Yes, I have worked with clients worldwide.

What Brand of paints do you use? I am still trying many different brands, I prefer the denser, creamier oils.

How do you set out your palette? – Like a pretty rainbow.

Draw me???  – Sure, would you like to see my price list?


Eyes in portraiture

When I begin a portrait, I tend to forget for the time being that the facial proportions are paramount to creating a perfect likeness. My natural instinct when I begin a portrait is to start with the eyes. 

This is not something that I have been taught, or told is the first appropriate step, but for me when the eyes are on point, the rest of the face seems to follow. We look at a persons eyes when engaging in conversation because this is how people connect. They are the centre of focus on meeting someone and the giveaway for emotions and right through to general health.

And then, within the usual aesthetic beauty of the eye area, the iris seems to hold a whole other world of colour and webbing, overlapping and clouding when seen at close range.





I have slight heterochromia, my eyes are brown, a section of one eye is hazel/green. Through a closer lens I have 2 freckles on one iris. Eyes are so dainty but hold so much detail when you look much closer.


Inspiration behind my artwork and creative block.


For anyone working on anything remotely creative, it is fair to say that your style is not something you made up on the spot. An individuals’ signature style for art, writing, music, fashion or anything you ‘output’ is a collection of things you have liked, consciously and subconsciously throughout your entire life. It is an amalgamation of things you can do, things you would like to do, things that inspire you, things you like, practicality, your lifestyle, your preferences and your self image. What you create is as much a part of your output as what you wear that day. The stamp that you put on activities are what you desire to associate yourself with. I personally love all things elegant and opulent, words that run through my mind when I am considering a painting in terms of composition, subjects, colours and feel. I may have a certain idea in mind, but I know how I want to portray it under my name, and this is how people associate themselves with certain styles, to be seen a certain way, and to carry themselves a certain way. It is either a brief desire based on something you might have seen recently, or an ingrained, deep rooted sense of style.

If you are suffering any kind of creative block, I challenge you to go back to your basic likes and dislikes. Here is a list that I compiled, as basic as possible to help me realign with what I enjoy, at the moment or my deep rooted loves. It serves as a reminder of a few simple things that I could incorporate into my work.

Artists : Odilon Redon, Gustav Klimt, Marcella Casper

Colours : Viridian, cerulean, magenta, crimson alizarin, lamp black, and my absolute favourite, a dark forest emerald green.

Taste : Spicy sauces, tangy berries, LOTS of cheese.

Smells : Daisy by Mark Jacobs (currently wearing!) The sea, olive trees, food cooking.

Sounds : Birds tweeting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, waves.

Words : Plethora, opulence, ethereal

Style : Rococo, minimalistic, botanical

Wildlife : Peacocks, silverback gorillas, dainty birds, strong stags.

I would LOVE to see your lists, remember to comment below if they’re not too personal to you.

I find that creative block and inspiration are both hand-in-hand concepts, a lack of inspiration can cause the creative block, whereas a surge of inspiration can break through it. Looking at the things you love from the different list titles can merge together ideas for what you want your art to ‘ouze’ and it is already embedded in your personality and most things that you do. Take the time to draw them out every now and then, and reevaluate and realign.